Hello, I am Tory.

I am a film photographer based in the Denver Metro Area, who specializes in Motherhood and Family Portraiture. Whether you are expecting your first little one, in a world of toddlers, or teenagers, I want to document the authentic heartfelt connections you have with your loved ones.

We as mothers need our extraordinary lives documented in a beautiful and meaningful way. Our photographs preserve our lives . We can look back at our images and be connected to those moments, memories and feelings.

I have spent my life studying many different art mediums. This has influenced the way I see and create my work. I found my love for photography early on in my childhood, and continued to pursue art and photography in college. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Pratt Institute.

My photographs are created using traditional analogue film. Traditional film has the ability to accurately capture the light, beauty, and emotion of you and your loved ones.