Bracketing Tests for Kodak Portra Professional Film

Kodak Portra Test Shoot | Denver Film Photographer

When I learned that Fujifilm was no longer going to be producing and selling Fuji400h I knew I needed to do some testing on Kodak Professional film stocks to see which I preferred, and how I preferred to shoot it. Below you will see the results of my bracketing tests. Bracketing is the process of shooting the same image or set up multiple times using different camera settings resulting in different exposures. Photographers either bracket the camera's aperture, ISO, or shutter speed for varying exposures.The film stocks I tested were Portra 400 rated at 200, Portra 400 at box speed, and Portra 800 rated at 400. With each bracketing test my first shot was exposed correctly, then I over exposed by one, and by two.

The images were all photographed on my Contax 645. Film was processed and scanned by Photovision.

Kodak Portra 400 rated 200
Portra 400 rated box speed
Portra 800 rated 400